Izapa Virtual Reality Restoration Project

Restoring Izapa in 3D

Stela 5 Reflectance Transformation Imaging

Mapping the surface texture of stone monuments with Reflectance Transformation Imaging now allows viewing them from multiple lighting angles in high resolution.

Dr. Jason Jones, with a grant from England’s prestigious University of Warwick, used this RTI technology to examine the faces of the Izapa stelae. The RTI viewer image of Stela 5 is a primary source scholars and interested parties can use to study its details.


Explore Plazas A & B

In order to protect the intricate Maya carvings and original structures present at Izapa, local restrictions do not allow visitors to enter the plazas to view the stelae and historic monuments.

The Ancient America Foundation has created virtual restorations of displaying 360° panorama views of Plazas A and B, and Stela 5 found at Izapa to allow individuals to experience Izapa in detailed, spacial reality.

Explore Stela 5 Hieroglyphs in 3D

In order to best preserve increase accessibility to the Tree of Life hieroglyphs of Izapa Stela 5, the Ancient America Foundation has restored the carvings of Stela 5 on a 3D virtual stone tablet following V. Garth Norman’s interpretations of Stela 5. 

Click below to explore Stela 5 in 3D on your phone or computer.