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The Ancient America Foundation

Founded by V. Garth Norman in 1980, the Ancient America Foundation, Inc. (AAF), a non-profit educational organization, expands and spreads knowledge of early American peoples, cultures, and histories so it can be appreciated by people of all ages.

AAF gives special attention to connections between God and the family from primary sources, including carved stelae, and early ancient writings.

Our work, including the Izapa Virtual Restoration Project and our educational video resources are made possible by our generous donors. 

Ancient America Foundation, INC. Board

V. Garth Norman


V. Garth Norman specialized in Epigraphy and Archaeoastronomy of Izapa and its monuments for over 50 years. Norman’s pioneering study of Izapa Sculpture for the New World Archaeological Foundation resulted in three publications. His ongoing Izapan studies resulted in seven different publications (plus Magazine articles) that have contributed to the rewriting Formative Mesoamerican history and their influence through migrations to South and North America. 

Norman holds graduate degrees in Ancient Studies and in Archaeology-Anthropology from Brigham Young University. He participated internationally with numerous professional symposiums, most frequently with the Society for American Archaeology (SAA). He lectured at the National Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City on the “Origin of the Maya Calendar at Izapa” (August 17, 2012), and given lectures from 2010 to 2018 in Tapachula & Tuxtla Chico, Chiapas, Mexico.

Cheryl Norman


Cheryl Peterson Norman traveled the world with her husband, the late archaeologist V. Garth Norman–especially to Izapa, Mexico. She shared in making discoveries with him and was the primary editor for all 10 of his research publications. 

Her particular area of interest is the Izapa calendar system, where the Olmecs (1500 BC) produced the sacred 260-Day Calendar at 14.8 degrees N. Latitude by which humans would mate in the Fall (like all animals do), so their babies would be born in the Spring when rains from April to October produce plentiful food so Mothers and their newborns would survive.

Cheryl has an MM in Piano Performance from BYU & has performed worldwide, including venues where her husband lectured about his Mesoamerican research. She has taught piano at BYU & UVU and now teaches in her home studio.

Jason Jones Ph. D.

Vice President

Dr. Jason Jones is the pioneer and world’s leading authority on hybrid manufacturing – integrating Additive Manufacturing (AM) with mainstream CNC machines. He is the co-founder and CEO of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies. Jason has a PhD in 3D printing from the University of Warwick in advanced 3D imaging and printing. He has led millions of dollars of research and commercialization. He is the author of numerous publications and inventor of dozens of granted patents.

Dr. Jones was a founding member of the ASTM F42 standards committee and has steered the development of multiple ASTM & ISO standards. He has also served as the chair of SME’s (FKA the Society of Manufacturing Engineers) AM community – the largest professional 3D printing community worldwide.

Kirk A. Magelby


Kirk A.Magleby was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1953. 

He was raised in Arizona and Utah (where he lives now). He served an LDS Mission in Peru 1972 – 1974 and was a Research Assistant to Paul R. Cheesman 1975 – 1977 He has a BA in Economics from BYU in 1977. He was an early officer with FARMS 1980-1985.

Owner, Nuvek, LLC 1983 – present. 

Author, Ending Global Poverty: The Microfranchise Solution 2007 Executive Director, Ancient America Foundation 2010 – 2024 Executive Director of Book of Mormon Central 2015 to present. Author of Book of Mormon Resources blog 2011 – present. He is married to Shannon Savage and they have 4 children & 10 Grandchildren.

Dennis Rey Lisonbee


Dennis Lisonbee is an award-winning film and television producer with an eclectic background in music, film, television, and higher education. His professional producing/directing/writing experience includes feature films, network series, television specials, live sports, documentaries, concerts, corporate films, and educational productions. He has filmed in Hawaii, Fiji, The Lao Islands, Tonga, Mexico, Guatemala, Israel, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Tanzania. He has taught media production at Brigham Young University, Texas A&M, and Utah Valley University

Bob Conder


Bob is a performer, creator, and educator in entertainment. With over 500 credits in music, theater, commercials, T.V., and film, he has studied the craft of entertainment while working in almost every position available. He has achieved two Business Degrees from the University of Phoenix and a Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts with an emphasis in screenplays from Full Sail University. He filmed Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Ghana, and several U.S. states.

Bob has taught as an educator at the University of Utah, Utah Valley University, and Utah Film School. He also helped create East Hollywood High School, writing most film studies curriculum. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild member.

Lance Harding Ph. D.


Dr. Lance Harding received his Ph. D. in England from the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. He worked under the direction of world-renowned Professor Keith Critchlow and studied ancient knowledge and measurements with author John Michell. 

He finished his Dissertation on the Ancient Greek Canon of Human Proportion and the Vitruvian Man, completing his research in the great Libraries and Museums of London, Oxford, Paris, the Alhambra Palace in Spain, and the Benedictine Monastery of St. Martin, the center of Beuronese Art in Beuron, Germany. Lance was presented his degree by Your Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, who is now King Charles.

Lance Harding has taught workshops on Human Proportion, Geometry, and Measurements with Dr. Scott Olsen in New York City for artist Alex Grey and previously for Roger Green at the Academy of Sacred Geometry. 

Lance has worked with Archaeologist V. Garth Norman at archeology sites at the Parowan Gap in southern Utah & other Southwest sites. While continuing his private research and giving workshops, Lance teaches Sacred Geometry and Classical Canons at the Beaux-Arts Academy.