Support AAF restoration and education

Your support helps us create Izapa educational materials

Thanks to generous financial and in-kind professional service donations, the Ancient America Foundation, Inc. (501-C3 Non-Profit Tax Deductible organization) has completed the proof-of-concept stage for the Izapa Virtual Restoration Project. We are moving into the production phase, which includes bringing the mounds, monuments, and scenery in Plaza A and B into higher cinematic detail.  At the same time, we are creating short and long form in-depth educational content on the Stelae, calendar system, temple construction, and how it all works together to teach the purpose of birth, life, and resurrection in the afterlife. The AAF is also working towards creating a museum exhibit, along with distribution of educational materials to the school age children of the world.

AAF projects are funded by both financial and in-kind services of individuals interested in Ancient America history. Your financial contributions will help to move each project forward to a successful completion.

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