“AND IT CAME TO PASS” Ancient Palenque, Mexico Glyph

Fig. 1 - Palenque... the magical place where the Maya writing system was first unraveled.

by Cheryl Norman (The legacy of V. Garth Norman lives on.)

Linda Schele (Oct. 30, 1942—April 18, 1998) was an American Mesoamerican archaeologist who was an expert in the field of Maya epigraphy and iconography. She played an invaluable role in the decipherment of much of the Maya hieroglyphs.

Linda, with three other scholars, translated the Maya writing system during the 1970s and 1980s. She produced a massive volume of drawings of stelae and inscriptions, which, following her wishes, are free for use to scholars. In 1978, she founded the annual Maya Meetings at The University of Texas at Austin. The Palenque Temple Center, is directly north of Izapa, at the same longitude as Izapa Temple.

It was also created with the ancient Babylonian & Egyptian cubits as well as the Middle Eastern Golden Mandala plus cosmic orientations of structures.Linda Schele became an Art professor at the University of Texas in Austin. She published books on her research and won many awards for her work in translating the Maya writing system. Her most famous book, co-authored with David Freidel, is “Forest of Kings” (1990).Archaeologist, V. Garth Norman’s 2020 Meridian Magazine Article shares more details about this significant Maya translation. 

Fig. 1 - Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico “Temple of the Inscriptions”“And it Came to Pass” (appears 1300 times in the Book of Mormon and 600 times in the Bible) translated by Linda Schele from the University of Texas at Austin, Texas.