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Book of Mormon Central

Book of Mormon Central

This website features detailed notes on the full text of the Book of Mormon. It also offers a massive archive of materials about the Book of Mormon readily accessible to all people worldwide. In addition, it provides frequent updates called “KnoWhys” that are concise illustrated reports on significant but often little-known Book of Mormon details

V.Garth Norman

V. Garth Norman

  • Izapa
Garth Normans Izapa


Garth Norman is an archaeologist, archaeo-astronomer, epigrapher, and art historian. He is the world's foremost authority on the Izapa temple center (1500 BC - AD 200) located at 15 degrees north latitude in southern Mexico.

Alan C Miner

Alan C. Miner

  • Book of Mormon  Annotations
BOM Commentary

Book of Mormon Notes

Our wiki provides a vast source of explanatory notes about the Book of Mormon Dozens of scholars have been associated with the development of this website, and many organizations are cooperatively affiliated with this effort. Book of Mormon Central has gratefully enjoyed contributions from many volunteers, correspondents, and friends.

Kirk Magleby

Kirk Magleby

  • Book of Mormon Resources
BOM Resources

Book of Mormon Resources

This blog is the most empirically rigorous attempt to date to establish the New World setting of the Book of Mormon.